Deep Tissue Massage

We will begin the treatment with some relaxation techniques to work later on deeper structures in order  to restore the elasticity of your muscles, ease pain and prevent possible injuries.


To do this we use a combination of slow and deep strokes, heavier pressure, transverse massage and static pressure to deactivate trigger points. The patient will experience some degree of "constructive pain" during the session.

This massage is suitable for anyone with muscle stiffness and spasms, including athletes of all levels, musicians, dancers, actors, etc. ..

Specific Area Massage

Short and specific massage to treat or complement the treatment of problems such as:

- back pain

- neck pain

- headache

- neuralgia

- constipation

- cellulite

- abdominal massage for weight loss

- muscle spasms and adhesions

- post-consolidation of fractures

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Relaxing Massage

Pamper yourself after a days' work or a period of stress. With kneading, effleurages (long gliding strokes), petrissages (kneading strokes), pressure and stretching we will achieve positive effects for your physical and mental health.


Massage is beneficial for blood and lymphatic circulation, the nervous system, muscle tissue, bone tissue, skin and can help relieve symptoms of fatigue, stress, insomnia or psychosomatic disorders.